ABS sheets

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ABS plastic sheet is a hard and rigid thermoplastic material with high impact resistance. ABS sheets are heat and impact resistant even at low temperatures and have high chemical and abrasion resistance as well as good dimensional stability.

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ABS plastic sheets

ABS sheets are relatively inexpensive and are usually somewhere between polypropylene and polycarbonate. ABS plastic Sheets is not usually used in high heat conditions due to its low melting resistance. Disadvantages of polyacrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS) are:

  • Poor UV resistance unless protected.
  • Maximum continuous service temperature approximately 70 ° C (160 ° F)
  • Poor friction and wearing resistance characteristics

ABS has a low melting point that makes it easy to use in the injection molding and 3D printing process. It also has high tensile strength and is very resistant to physical shocks and chemical corrosion, which makes the prepared plastic can withstand heavy use and adverse environmental conditions.

Is ABS sheet stronger than PVC?

PVC is more flexible than ABS sheets, but ABS is stronger and more impact resistant. ABS sheet works better in controlling extremely cold temperatures but can be damaged by exposure to direct sunlight. In most North American markets, the prices of the two types are similar

Is ABS sheet safe in the face of food?

This thermoplastic material has very good resistance to chemicals. ABS sheets are a plastic thermoplastic and can be safe for use in food processing. ABS plastic remains rigid even at low temperatures. Also available in fire-resistant, heat-resistant and flexible grades.

Is ABS Plastic sheet specify proper to use?

ABS sheets are a great plastic product to use because they are one of the most cost-effective plastics against impact and corrosive chemicals. It is also relatively harmless because its plastics do not contain known carcinogens. ABS has good impact resistance at room temperature and at special temperatures below (40 ° C). ABS sheet is suitable for some outdoor uses. Excessive sun exposure may change the shape and color and reduce the durability and overall appearance of the product. In such cases, the degree of UV protection is more appropriate

Refrigerator cabins

Industrial and non-industrial models

Food tray

Material transfer box

Mirror frame, bathroom

Other sanitary ware

Sports equipment including American football helmets

Kitchen appliances such as bins

Musical instruments (recorder, piano and plastic clarinet)


TV frame

Vacuum cleaner body

Waterproof door cover

Pipes and fittings

Commercial machines

Communication equipment

Home security devices

Camping equipment

Material: ABS
Shape: Sheet
Color: white , black , Red, Grey
Surface: Plain and embossed
Maximum sheet size: ۲۲۰۰mm
Thickness in mm: ۱-۸mm
Specifications ABS may be used for interior applications such as appliance parts, tub and shower wall surrounds, and interior automotive trim. Machine housings, guards, and covers, Instrument panels
General application: Models and prototypes, Point-of-purchase displays, Storage cases and display bases, Thermoformed
Displays, ABS plastics are used for vacuum forming,
Industries: The automotive and refrigeration industries primarily use ABS plastics on the job. However, printing and display markets also benefit of ABS plastic sheets.
Characteristic Has 
High impact Strength
Chemical resistance
High abrasion resistance
Good dimensional stability
Impact resistance
Low temperature impact Strength
High tensile strength

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