Artificial marble Sheets

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Artificial marble sheets are the same as PVC sheets with stone design or in other words, artificial stone, which are cheap and light weight products with high strength compared to natural marble samples. In addition , artificial marble sheets resist to acidic materials, which causes a lot of damage to the surface of natural marble.

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Artificial marble sheets

Artificial marble sheets are mainly made of stone powder (calcium carbonate powder) and plastic (PVC resin) and are ideal for decorating interior walls. This PVC marble sheet can be used in many places due to its outstanding features, especially for public commercial places. Very attractive, cost-effective, waterproof, fireproof with easy installation and maintenance conditions and can save a lot of money for business owners in wall decoration, wall repair and wall reconstruction. This material replaces other interior walls and decorative materials such as wood, metal, natural stone and other synthetic and composite materials.

Artificial marble sheets Characteristics

Due to the attractiveness and beautiful colors of marble and classic design, it can be widely used for places such as companies, office rooms, meeting rooms, fashion stores and masons, boutiques, hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, theaters, cinemas and concert halls, houses and villas, exhibitions, sports clubs and reception halls, and so on.
Due to its waterproof properties, it can be used for kitchen walls, pool walls, bathroom walls, etc. Due to its light weight, it can be used to decorate the ceiling. To decorate the surface, this PVC marble sheet can be used to cover surfaces such as furniture, kitchen cabinets, doors, suitcases, bags, trash cans and dining tables.
If you are planning to use marble for your decorations, you should know that natural stone has its own weakness. For example, it is very expensive and weighs a lot, so it is difficult to transport and install. It is also sensitive to acidic substances, even natural acidic substances such as lemon juice and vinegar, and may cause corrosion and staining. So what better way than to find a better alternative in every way?
Artificial marble Sheet offers you the same beauty if it has a very low price, light weight and high strength. It also has an amazing variety. You can also easily use detergents to clean them. Also, compared to marble, they are one-piece and seamless, and this multiplies their beauty. They are easy to install and antibacterial. It can withstand any weather conditions and humidity and is used for baths and pools for this purpose. It has good resistance to abrasion and scratches and is also resistant to fire. It is also used as sound insulation and of course has good light transmission. It can be ordered in any size, large or small
You can buy these patterned PVC sheets as well as marble sheet baseboards and use them in your decoration

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Office and hospital

Wall Plugs

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Schools, universities and conference halls


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Material: PVC
Shape: Sheet
Color: Marble pattern design
Surface: Glossy
Maximum sheet size: standard size
Thickness in mm: standard thickness
Specifications Elegant designs, Attractive colors and patterns
General application:  Building interior design
Industries: Building and Renovation, Decor Building, Interior Building
Characteristic Has 
Resistant to many chemical compounds
Unique light reflection
Easy to clean
Impact resistance
Easy maintenance
Long life
Compatibility and custom size

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