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Carton Plast is the leader in the field of processing and serving reusable layers as dividing sheets in carrying containers and glass cans for food and beverage industries. This sheet has many other uses that we will mention. Cardboard is strong, light weight, waterproof, chemical resistant, insect resistant, etc.

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Carton Plast
Cartonplast is made easily and easily using industrial machines. The distinctive features of the cardboard sheet make it suitable for wide applications. Advertising, packaging, transportation and material protection, stationery, construction and interiors are just a few to mention. Double-walled cardboard sheets are actually made of polypropylene, which is why it is known as multi-wall P.P. These sheets have great features that double their popularity.

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Features and characteristics of cardboard sheet
The best feature of Carton Plast compared to other plastic sheets in the market like polycarbonate is its lightness. The lightness of this product in terms of weight is much, much less than a square meter of glass, and this feature makes its application in the construction industry and interior design and decoration very good. Cartonplast is produced in different colors, which is liked by buyers.

Cartonplast is produced in the form of long rolls and has high flexibility. This feature makes it possible to bend its length and width in both directions. But to prevent folding, it is better to arch it longitudinally. In the packaging industry, this product is very popular due to its ability to withstand the resulting pressure.

Retail sales of plastic cartons at wholesale prices
Cardboard sheet is a plastic product that can be washed easily. Because it will never lose its capabilities and properties due to exposure to detergents. This product has several other features that we will briefly describe. Among other things, it is widely used in the printing and advertising industry, and it also has zero potential for fire. Rather, it only melts in heat, and the most important thing is that it is exposed to direct sunlight. It will not lose any of its features.

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Home Appliances
Sports goods
Notice board
Print market
Light level to meet different needs
Impact resistant
Resistant to wear and corrosion
Easy to clean
Technical Specifications
Material: Polycarbonate
Shape: sheet
Color: transparent colors
Surface: mirror, polished
Maximum sheet size:
Thickness in mm:
Characteristics: fire resistant, anti-theft, minimum thickness tolerance, impact resistant, UV resistant
General application: glazing, car parts, marine glass, protective caps