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Crystal sheet (GPPS crystal plate)
The crystal sheet is a transparent sheet that is more resistant than ordinary glass and has a transparency similar to glass. The price of Talaq Crystal is much more affordable than alternative products such as glass. The brand name of this crystal plastic sheet is GPPS.

Crystal sheet or talc crystal has gained high popularity since the unsafe conditions of the days around the world make people afraid of cracking and breaking and other common problems of glass. The new generation of GPPS crystal sheet is more reliable than glass and with safety and easy installation and longer life than the better ones. It also has very good transparency and applications. In addition to these, it also offers a variety of designs and colors. Also, it should be said that all kinds of crystal sheets are an ideal option for ideal light distribution and decoration.

GPPS crystal has the characteristics of chemical resistance, low water absorption and high temperature resistance. This material is resistant to organic acids, alkalis, salts and low alcohol percentage and can also be used in places. Due to its high temperature resistance, it can be cut ideally and specifically in:

Bathroom doors, lampshades, office equipment
Medical accessories
Interior decoration
Fancy transparent ceilings
used toys etc.
The price of crystal sheet is very reasonable and this sheet has very good features compared to its price, which make it suitable for various uses and structures.

Features of crystal sheet and its outstanding features
By buying GPPS crystal sheets, which are good in terms of light and strength, and considering the price of transparent plastic sheets, you can have an affordable price. The transparent crystal sheet is very fragile and they have a cheap price, but remember that since they have little resistance to ultraviolet rays, they are suitable for outdoor environments and are mostly used for interior decorations and false ceilings, etc. in the building. .

Crystal sheet is one of the types of plexiglass, which is used in road and construction industries, decorations and interior decoration, and household applications. Iranian crystal sheet and Talaq Moshjar is a transparent crystal that is very popular. This Iranian sheet gives a very high resistance, the price is affordable, and due to its high hardness, it is used for internal applications.