Gypsum tiles

Standard thickness

Custom, fits the space



Various designs and colors

color fastness

Roof gypsum tiles are made of non-combustible gypsum. These gypsum tiles are high quality products and free of any harmful substances that meet all the needs of decoration.

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Gypsum tiles تابش شاپ


Gypsum tiles

The purpose of buying gypsum tiles and using them in decoration and false ceilings is to improve the beauty of appearance (form, color, lighting, etc.). Also, the channels hide the pipes and you will no longer worry about the ugliness of the ceiling. It also covers ugly structural members such as beams, etc., which usually ruin the appearance of the room. It also reduces the ceiling height of the room, which has many thermal and acoustic benefits Gypsum tiles are made of PVC, gypsum and aluminum layers, which can protect it from moisture, but it is still light and quick and easy to install. These false ceilings are not only for creating beauty and also have important applications such as preventing energy loss. It should also be noted that because they can regulate heat and humidity, they provide a balanced environment and very good ventilation.

Important properties of gypsum tiles

Thermal insulation. It is safe against fire and does not smoke much in the event of an accident.

Ability to replace parts.

Prevents the accumulation of insects.

It has antimicrobial function . This is important, because bio pollution control in sanitary environments such as hospitals and large commercial kitchens is necessary.

Improves audio output.

it is dust resistant and has the ability to clean. Environments that are exposed to a lot of pollution, such as special production buildings and workshops, may need a roof that can withstand dirt, lint, and dust and be easy to clean.

Used as a design element to create various shapes. Doubles the reflection of ceiling light. In this way, it reflects more light, which can also reduce lighting and electricity costs, which has the advantage of being more beautiful and effective.

It is suitable for soundproof rooms such as meeting rooms, conference rooms, etc., which require a quiet environment. It is effective in reducing echo in cinemas and concert halls. Sound absorption reduces sound and reduces sound resonance in the area covered by the roof.

It reduces the total volume of space, which also greatly reduces the cost of air conditioning.

Gypsum tile designs also have a great variety.


It is possible to order various designs and colors for the buyer. These gypsum tiles have a high color fastness and even sunlight can not damage it.

They are earthquake and moisture resistant..

They are very light and have a high execution speed.



Educational halls such as universities and schools



Residential Houses

Technical Info

Material: Gypsum
Shape: Tile
Color: standard colors
Surface: Glossy
Maximum sheet size:
Thickness in mm: standard thickness
Specifications Earthquake resistant
Impact resistant
High diversity
Easy to clean
Very low moisture absorption
Ease of making and painting
light reflection
Antimicrobial function
High safety
General application: interior decoration and decorative accessories
Industries: Building and Renovation, Decor Building, Industry, Interior Building,


Characteristic Has
Earthquake resistant
impact resistant
High diversity
Easy to clean
Very low moisture absorption
Ease of making and painting
light reflection

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