Multi-wall polycarbonate sheets

Multi-wall polycarbonate sheets تابش شاپ

Standard thickness

4 – 10 mm double walls

16 – 20mm triple walls


wind resistant

Cold and heat resistant

UV protection

Multi-walled polycarbonate sheet with UV resistant cap layer offers long-term performance. Its multilayer structure reduces heating costs in winter while minimizing overheating in summer. Also, its light weight allows you to reduce shipping costs and other items. Ensure greater safety and prevent energy wastage by purchasing multi-walled sheets. As air is trapped between the two walls, this can save energy.

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Over the past two decades, clear polycarbonate sheets, which have a wide range of applications, have become increasingly popular. Useful features and beautiful design make polycarbonate sheets widely ideal in buildings, gardening and design industries. Multi-walled polycarbonate sheet is a suitable alternative to glass and weighs one-fifth the thickness of glass. The most common applications of these sheets are in the construction of greenhouses.

Multi-wall polycarbonate sheets

In fact, polycarbonate is a high-performance thermoplastic that is widely used in construction products, windows and skylights, wall panels and dome roofs. They are also very economical and durable. Multi-wall sheets offer higher and more efficient energy efficiency than single-layer sheets. Double-walled and multi-walled sheets can be easily bent to form ceiling lights and corridors in architecture. Just remember that the sheets must always be bent lengthwise and never bend across the width of the sheet.
This durable sheet is hard enough to be effective for many outdoor and indoor applications. If you are looking for a sheet that is easy to install and resistant to impact, be sure to consider buying Multi-wall polycarbonate sheets. Multi-walled polycarbonate sheets with exceptional UV protection and exceptional light transmission are extremely valuable because they reduce sunburn and make them a vital factor, especially for greenhouses. Also, low maintenance costs do not leave an excuse for all the projects you have postponed. Made of non-toxic polycarbonate, this is the safety structure your garden has been waiting for Its non-flammability and self-extinguishing ability, resistance to breakage and its lightness and cheapness have made it a good alternative to glass and plastic. It also helps prevent moisture condensation and accumulation, ie water dripping from the ceiling. If you are looking for a roof that is easy to install and impact resistant, considering the price of multi-walled polycarbonate sheets, you can have a cheap and appropriate purchase.


School game part

Pool ceilings

Use as a sound barrier



False ceilings

Pedestrian roof

Internal partitions

Bus stations

Technical Info

Material: Polycarbonate
Shape: Sheet
Color: Transparent and matte colors
Surface: Glossy and ice cracked
Maximum sheet size: Standard size: 2100 * 6000 mm large number of lengths: according to customer
Thickness in mm: 4 mm – 10 mm double walls – 16 – 20 mm Triple walls
General application: fire resistant, minimum thickness tolerance, impact resistant, UV resistant, due to the scratch resistance of the sheet should be for cleaning soft cloth and soap and water
Industries: building and renovation, decor building, glass trade, industry, interior building


Characteristic Has
Wind resistant
Cold and heat resistant
Easy cutting if necessary
Impact resistance
UV protection
Resistance to pulling and bending
chemical agents resistance

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