Persian Marquetry ‘mosaic pattern’ tiles

Persian Marquetry ‘mosaic pattern’ tiles تابش شاپ

Standard thickness

Custom, fits the space


Impact resistant

Easy to clean

Ease of making and painting

CNC mosaic tile has many uses. Luxurious colors and patterns with beautiful designs or special cuts make mosaic tiles an ideal design element for interior decoration. Our experienced designers in Tabesh store can help you to choose the best and most suitable wall mosaic tile to design walls of your room, office spaces, exterior heights, entrances and walls of the living room.

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CNC wall mosaic Tiles and false ceilings

CNC wall mosaics and suspended ceilings have a magnificent design in a unique way. These are actually the PVC suspended ceilings that we offer a wide range of patterns and sizes that can be used to decorate interior or exterior wall coverings and ceilings and partitions to divide the space. With these beautiful decorations, you can bring freshness and beauty to your kitchen and use its various designs to give a new look to the hallway of your home or workplace or decorate your bathroom beautifully. CNC suspended ceiling is a designed roof in which PVC sheet or MDF board is cut through a CNC machine and the cutting sheet designed for decorative solutions must be fixed in the wall plaster or false ceiling.

CNC cutting has a great impact on highly efficient and accurate technology engineering. This gives the acrylic or MDF sheets, which are mainly used in false ceilings, more superiority and beauty. Recommended for offices, restaurants, eateries, offices, jewelry stores, beauty salons, subway stations, hotels and everywhere

These mosaic tiles are widely used in modern design today because of their high flexibility and low cost. These tiles quickly found their place in decoration and became extremely popular. Because they have the possibility of lighting and this gives a double beauty to these decorations. It is easy to work with and has good repair and replacement capabilities. They can also be installed both movable and fixed. Depending on the taste and style of your home, you can choose traditional or more modern designs. This coordination can help make your home or your desired environment more attractive.

CNC mosaic tile has many color variations, but the most common color is white, which helps to better distribute light and the space is more open and elegant. After white, wood color has many uses. Remember, if you live in a humid city or plan to use these decorations in swimming pools, saunas and baths, choose PVC material that has a high resistance to water and moisture.


False Ceiling

wall Decoration


Technical Info

Material: PVC
Shape: Tile
Color: Different colors and pattern
Surface: Transparent
Maximum sheet size:
Thickness in mm: standard thickness
Specifications Beautiful three-dimensional design for suspended ceilings
Modern design used in partitions, wall coverings and false ceilings
General application: building and renovation, decor building, glass trade, industry, interior building
Industries: Building and Renovation, Decor Building, Interior Building, Plastic Manufacturers / Commerce, Engraving


Characteristic Has
Easy to install
Hygienic, smooth and shiny surface
Easy to clean
Magnificent design
Luxurious colors and patterns
Freshness and beauty
sEase of making and painting

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