Polycarbonate and Aluminum profiles

Standard thickness

Custom, fits the space


Very high durability

Lightweight and durable

Ultra long life

Polycarbonate and aluminum profiles are a type of building material that is used in framing, frames, doors and windows. These include U-aluminum profilesaluminum H-profilestransparent polycarbonate profiles, etc.

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Polycarbonate and Aluminum profiles تابش شاپ


Polycarbonate and Aluminum profiles

The use of qualified polycarbonate and aluminum profiles is important in construction. To achieve your ideals, it is naturally better to use qualified materials. The Aluminum profiles in building construction help to optimize energy and also have other benefits that you read below. Simplify assembly with these Aluminum and polycarbonate profiles and ducts. These help prevent contamination, insect accumulation and moisture build-up. They provide the possibility of having a professional and finished look.

Features of polycarbonate and aluminum profiles

Waterproof: The whole profile is combined with waterproof rubber and special aluminum specifications. This set of aluminum profiles is also designed as two parts of high profile and sub profile. Completely blocks water profile without leaking water. In addition, it does not need to be filled with silicone.

Proper construction: To build, you just need to press the upper aluminum profile under the resin profile. Then, finish the job by locking the screws. It is easier than traditional construction.

Beauty: Due to its white and light color, it gives more beauty and effect to the space.

Durability: Construction with this set of profiles can save enough space for thermal expansion.

Resistance: It has a lot of resistance against impact.

Proper alignment of polycarbonate sheets requires the use of the necessary elements to do the job. We offer a full range of aluminum or polycarbonate profiles, aluminum fish pollen and aluminum washer pollen. Radiation store products offer superior elegance and guarantee a high capacity to withstand loads. Use etched polycarbonate profiles to connect two polycarbonate sheets. Use U-shaped polycarbonate profiles to separate the top and bottom of the polycarbonate sheets.

Aluminum stud profiles

Aluminum stud profiles, which is one of the most useful sections in the building, are available in the store. Gutters can be cut to your liking at your customer’s request and made available to you.

These materials are widely used to repair destroyed buildings. Of course, in addition to construction, they are also used in industry. For example, it is used in refineries, platforms and structures, as well as equipment bases and frames. It can also be used on roads to build guardrails and other road construction items.







Door and Window


Air bridge

Technical Info

Material: polycarbonate and Aluminum
Shape: Sheet
Color: Transparent polycarbonate and silver Aluminum
Surface: Glossy
Maximum sheet size:
Thickness in mm: standard thickness
General application: interior decoration and decorative accessories
Industries: Building and Renovation, Decor Building, Industry, Interior Building,


Characteristic Has
polycarbonate and Aluminum
fire resistant
ultra-long life
impact resistant
ultraviolet heat transfer barrier

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