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If you want to create a special atmosphere in your surroundings, you can give a special glamor to the space due to the price of wall cover sheets and their many Advantages:. Colorful or monochrome, modern or classic and innovative, whatever it is, let your creativity roam freely when designing a living room, office or children’s room, and achieve your dreams when designing your wall.
Wall decor can be more than just paint and wallpaper. Do not worry. You have more options for beautifying and highlighting your walls.

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Wall covering sheets تابش شاپ


PVC wall coverings Sheets

PVC wall coverings Sheets are produced using high quality PVC, which has been tested on several quality parameters before use. PVC wall coverings are ideal products for wall coverings that can be used indoors. They are a great solution for walls, ceilings or any surface with a rough or damaged appearance that needs to be covered. Wall sconces can be found anywhere such as living room, bedroom, kitchen, TV background, special walls and ceilings in home decoration, company logo wall, meeting room, lobby space, office reception, restaurant, cafes, cinema and Use the decoration of mezons. Apart from creating a stunning visual effect for the wall, it can also have other benefits.PVC It means polyvinyl chloride. It is a type of plastic that is very popular these days. It is very suitable for low budgets and is easy to install. Plastic sheet wall coverings can be used to cover the interior walls of the bathroom because these products are waterproof PVC wall coverings Sheets are most useful when there is moisture in the wall because it can withstand moisture very effectively. PVC is also environmentally friendly, and many medical devices and food packages are made of PVC material because they do not cause any harm to the environment.

Variety of PVC wall coverings Sheets

This product can be customized according to customer needs, and even patterned wall covering sheet, printed wall covering sheet and stone wall covering sheets are also available. It all depends on your taste and needs. Regarding the stone wall covering that is very popular these days, it should be said that natural textures do not belong only to the outside of the house, and if you wish, you can bring stone textured wall covering Sheets to your house, which has a stylish and beautiful effect. These wall coverings seem to be your favorite stone texture but keep the wall surface smooth.


Residential house to match the customer’s taste
Office and hospital
False wall
Shops and galleries for decoration

Schools, universities and conference halls
Commercial shopping malls
Suitable for decorating any wall you want

Technical Info

Material: PVC
Shape: Sheet
Color: Full colors
Surface: Glossy
Maximum sheet size: standard
Thickness in mm: standard thickness
Specifications long life, shock resistant, prevents UV heat transfer
General application: interior decoration
Industries: Building and Renovation, Building, Interior design


CharacteristicCharacteristic Has
Resistant to many chemical compounds
Transparent PVC
unique light reflection
Easy to clean
Abrasion resistant
Compatibility and custom size
Easy maintenance
long service life

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