Flat polycarbonate sheets

Standard thickness




What do you do if know you can easily have a cheaper and more durable replacement for glass?
Flat poly-carbonate Sheets is designed to meet the stringent needs of many commercial and industrial applications such as construction, sound insulation and impact resistance. Customers of Tabesh store welcome the purchase of flat poly-carbonate sheets in various commercial and residential projects.

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Flat poly-carbonate Sheets

Plastics are various materials, can be used in countless applications and projects. One of the most common forms of plastic is a group of thermoplastic polymers known as poly carbonate (PC). This synthetic resin is a naturally transparent amorphous thermoplastic that can be used to produce a variety of precision machining parts and products but is also used as an alternative to acrylic, glass and polyethylene. Flat Poly carbonate sheets offer a wide range of features and variety that are well suited for a variety of applications and industries, including agriculture, automotive, construction, electrical, medical and security. Impact resistance is perhaps the most important feature of many transparent and flat poly-carbonate sheets. Transparent iron sheet is 250 times stronger than glass and 30 times stronger than acrylic. In fact, it can be said that it is practically unbreakable and resistant to crushing. The design flexibility of glass poly carbonate sheet allows it to be used in a variety of ways. It also includes an innovative protective coating that is specifically formulated for resistance to chemicals as well as abrasion. Flat poly-carbonate is excellent at transmitting and emitting light, and its transparent sheet has a high light resolution. Due to its easy installation and cutting, it can easily reduce waste and this helps to control the budget. It is very practical and you can cut it in place any way you want.

Flat poly carbonate sheets

flat poly-carbonate sheets has an extruded UV protector on both sides of the sheet, which eliminates 98% of harmful UV rays, making it an ideal product for use in the world’s strongest hardware. The ability to control weather conditions and its UV protection layer allows the sheet to last longer and prevents the sheet from turning yellow over time. As mentioned, it is resistant to abrasion, graffiti, vandalism and physical attacks, as well as a wide range of cleaners, organic solvents and corrosive elements. Flat Poly carbonate sheets are also available in color to reduce light and matte to protect privacy.

Guard room

Sound barriers,

safety and security glass

Roof sheets, skylights, greenhouses

Building decoration

Counter protector, face protector

Electrical insulation, street lamp cover

Glass elevators, subway gates



Aircraft interior, train windows

Transparent partitions

Material: polycarbonate
Shape: Sheet
Color: Transparent and matte colors
Surface: Glossy
Maximum sheet size: ۲۰۵۰ mm
Thickness in mm: ۱ – ۱۲ mm
General application: fire resistant, anti-theft, impact resistant, UV resistant, unbreakable, due to the scratch of the sheets ,to clean use soft cloth ,soap and water
Industries: Building and Renovation, Decor Building, Interior Building, Plastic Manufacturers / Commerce, Engraving
Characteristic Has 
Wind resistant
cold and heat resistant
Good electrical insulation
Printing, coloring, easy gluing
Good thermal insulation
Impact resistant about 250 times more than glass resistant
Sound reduction property
UV rays and other outdoor factorsresistant
Self-extinguish and non-flammable

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