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HIPS sheets are a hard, tough plastic material with high impact resistance that can be easily cut with a saw or other tool. HIPS sheets are also available in a wide range of colors at the Radiation Store.

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HIPS sheets

HIPS sheet is perfectly suitable for applications in food, dairy and medical packaging industries. HIPS is a material with high impact resistance. This plastic form is typically produced by adding about 5-10% rubber copolymer or butadiene. This increases the strength of the polymer and leads to the production of a very rigid product suitable for packaging applications. HIPS provides a shock-resistant solution suitable for a variety of applications, including print graphics, refrigerator interiors and bathroom fixtures. Our team offers standard and customized products that are designed to provide aesthetic balance and the required features by selling high-end sheets. Resistant polystyrene (HIPS Sheets) is one of the most widely used and popular plastics in the market for card readers, displays and markers due to its visual appearance (various color options, gloss level, texture) and ease of use. A versatile, cost-effective, impact-resistant material that easily forms, extrudes, bends, and molds. It has great flexibility and can be molded over and over again and is environmentally friendly because it can be recycled. Its rubber content gives it more durability and impact resistance, and is often used by manufacturers for commercial and industrial purposes, including portable trays, children’s toys, auto parts, and home appliances. High-impact, strong, safe to use, cost-effective, versatile and recyclable polystyrene. Length, width, thickness and bearing strength vary by manufacturer, brand and grade. Custom sizes are available upon request.

Characteristics of HIPS sheets

High impact polystyrene Sheets, can be assembled with mechanical fasteners, solvents or adhesives. Good printable substrate – it can be decorated using a variety of printing methods including screen printing, offset lithography and flexography. FDA Compliant Materials – HIPS sheets are available in FDA compliant grades. HIPS sheet has good impact and tear resistance, although it can also be modified with a rubber additive to improve its durability.

Notes for printing HIPS sheets

HIPS sheets have a compatible, printable matte surface that provides one-sided or double-sided printing. This polystyrene products, which are available in the form of HIPS sheets or roll stock are especially suitable for printing lithography or flexography of screens, POP graphics, signs, floodlights, stickers and cards. This is the reason for its compatible matte surface.

Application of High impact polystyrene

High impact polystyrene (HIPS) is perfectly suited for thermoforming and die cutting applications. It is especially useful in the packaging of products sensitive to odor and taste. Excellent forming properties and high impact resistance make HIPS sheets ideal for model making applications. It can also be easily formed in a vacuum, making it a great material for a wide range of sales applications, signboards, sports equipment and cosmetics.
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ID cards
Name tag
Trays and dishes
Dairy dishes

Industrial packaging
Medical packaging
Inside the refrigerator

Material: High impact polystyrene (HIPS)
Shape: Sheet
Color: Different colors
Surface: Matte
Maximum sheet size: ۱۲۲۰ mm
Thickness in mm: ۱-۴mm
General application: A versatile, cost-effective, impact-resistant material, which is easy to thermoforming
Eco friendly, as it can be recycled.
Industries: construction, plastic part manufacture, packaging industrial و Medicine
Characteristic Has 
Good printable
Using safety
Various colors
Easy to clean
Impact resistance
low moisture absorption
Extremely flexible
Easy to making and painting

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