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Plastic light diffusers are the newest solution for scattering the brightness of LED lights as well as old fluorescent lights in the home and workplace. Made of UV-resistant GPPS or PMMA, they will not turn yellow over time and help reduce LED “hotspots”.
In addition to emitting light, the diffuser sheet also has the ability to change color with its color models, and it can be provided in a variety of mirrors, matte, tubular and with the desired thickness. So no matter what option you have, GPPS or PMMA provides a durable and cost-effective material for your projects

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Light Diffuser sheets

Many people find fluorescent and LED light very harsh and annoying. Placing a clear acrylic diffuser on the light source reduces the glare of these lights and reduces discomfort or even eye damage. You often find these light emitters in offices and hospitals where people stare at computer monitors. Because in these places high-intensity glare with a lot of time that people have to look at the screen, It often leads to eye fatigue, headaches and stress, so installing diffuser sheets and replacing them with old and damaged ones will reduce discomfort and thus reduce the patient’s hospitalization days and create a relaxed atmosphere. They can also be used in the home and office environment, and if you spend a lot of time in a space where light bothers you, be sure to consider buying light emitters. These diffusers have both internal and external applications. Light Diffuser sheets are available in the radiation store with different thicknesses and can be cut in various sizes, so you can order safely. They are lightweight, unbreakable and impact resistant, which means they are safe to install. Our white diffuser sheets with suitable thickness and uniformity of distribution as well as hardness and scratch resistance are suitable for many applications. Our plastic light diffusers have good light transmission, and our white light diffuser Sheets is pure white, meaning that little light is actually lost and the light you see is exactly the same as your light source.
And apart of simple white diffuser for connecting home and office lights, we offer a wide range of color diffusers that can be used for billboards and advertising. Because acrylic light diffusers are incredibly impact resistant, scratch resistant, UV resistant and chemically ineffective, they are also suitable for outdoor applications

LED panel lights
Office lighting
Industrial lighting
Road and tunnel lighting

Street lighting
Decorative lighting
Home decoration such as lampshades
Lighting of hospitals and offices

Material: GPPS Or PMMA
Shape: Sheet
Color: opal
Surface: embossed
Maximum sheet size: ۱۸۰۰×۱۲۰۰
Thickness in mm: ۱٫۴ – ۲mm
Specifications minimum thickness tolerance, impact resistant, UV resistant
General application: energy saving lamps and LEDs, light guide panel, optical panels, ceiling LEDs
Industries: Building and Renovation, Decor Building, Interior Building, Plastic
Characteristic Has 
High speed light penetration
High quality
Easy to clean
Impact resistance
Super bright
No yellowing
Good performance against heat

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