Multi-style sheets

Standard thickness




If you are looking for a cheaper and more flexible alternative to metal, you can think of colored multi-style sheets, which is a great option for interior and even exterior decoration.
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Multi-style sheets

Multi-style is actually a plastic sheet of metal design that is different from transparent plastic sheet and is confused because of its high similarity to metal. You must have seen its golden color in the paintings. Multi-style sheet is very common in two colors, gold and silver, and the design on it is divided into two simple categories: Mirror and brushed. Its Advantages: include good heat performance, good resistance to corrosion and chemicals, excellent formation, low water absorption, high resistance to oxidation, good wear resistance, excellent electrical insulation and non-toxicity. .
Delivery conditions: store Ex-work and will send , if you need
Price: Due to market fluctuations, please call us

Multi-style sheets application

Multi style sheets have found a special place in modern decoration and are used to cover various decorations. Their beauty is doubled by the mirror-like reflection they have, and for this reason, they are becoming more and more popular day by day. Other uses include making boxes for flowers and gifts. These sheets are a bit dry, but they have flexibility, and if you do not bend them too much, you can easily shape them. For example, to decorate vases and turn them into a luxurious bouquet, these sheets are slightly bent and given a curved shape.
So if you are looking to start a small business and work at home, these sheets can generate a lot of income for you with a little creativity. Or if you are a flower and gift seller, these sheets will give a new look to your business. They are very useful because they can be cut and engraved. These types of sheets are used to make small boards that you may have seen in many offices and law offices.

Another use is in the making of statues and plaques that are exchanged at ceremonies and openings and on the red carpet. Gold and silver colors and occasionally copper or bronze color give it a special effect and it is practically an ideal choice for such an application.
There is also a multi-style adhesive back available in the store, which makes it practically easy to install. These sheets are made of two layers, but still they are not as strong as metal, although its numerous Advantages: such as lower cost, lighter weight, easy installation, easy engraving, etc. make it preferable to metal. . The bottom layer of Multi-style sheets is compressed plastic and the top layer is veneer.
Just keep in mind that these sheets are less resistant to metal and therefore should not be used outdoors or if they are used they will not last long. These sheets are sensitive to weather conditions such as rain and sun, excessive heat and even dust. For this reason, they are mostly used for interior decoration of buildings.



Flower boxes and gifts


Interior decoration of the building


Material: ABS
Shape: Sheet
Color: Gold, silver and a variety of colors
Surface: Mirror, brushed
Maximum sheet size: ۶۰۰x1200mm
Thickness in mm: ۱٫۲mm
Specifications Easy to cut, laser working, due to the scratch ability of the sheet, a soft cloth, soap and water should be used for cleaning.
General application: uilding and renovation, decor building, interior building, , wall plate, stand, birthday candle, sign making, logo, calendar, false ceiling, flower box and gifts
Industries: Building interior design ,advertising
Characteristic Has 
Cost effective
High quality
Metal design
Easy to clean
Good resistance to corrosion and chemicals
Low water absorption
High resistance to oxidation