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PET sheet stands for polyethylene terephthalate, the chemical name for polyester. PET sheet is actually a clear, strong and light plastic that is widely used for packaging food and beverages, especially non-alcoholic beverages, juices and juices, as well as medicines.
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PET sheet (polyethylene terephthalate)

PET sheet (polyethylene terephthalate) is a common thermoplastic that provides high dimensional stability, excellent mechanical strength. It is resistant to chemicals, absorbs very little moisture and is ultimately a good electrical insulator. Flat PET sheets also perform well in abrasion applications and have a hard surface that can be easily machined and polished. PET sheets are mostly used in food packaging and pharmaceutical industries. These sheets are completely hygienic and do not affect the color, taste and smell of food and medicine absolutely. They also have very low permeability. In this case, high quality products insured customer to buy the desired product. Especially used in the product packaging such as natural oils and carbonated beverages because it is very impermeable to gases. So ask us for high quality PET sheets at our store.
This product is also eco friendly and is 100% recyclable. it means you can recycle the whole things. It can also be recycled both mechanically and chemically.
This substance is also used in clothing fibers, but the type used in clothing is different from the type used in food packaging.

Fibers for clothes
Food and drink
Device protector

Rebellion shields
pharmaceutical Industries
Electrical industry
Mechanical engineering
Marine Engineering

Material: PET
Shape: Sheet
Color: transparent
Surface: Glossy
Maximum sheet size: Standard Size
Thickness in mm: standard thickness
General application: high strength, high rigidity and hardness; very low moisture absorption; very low creep resistance; very high dimensional stability; low sliding friction and sliding wear; resistant to hydrolysis (up to +70 °C); not suitable for contact with media containing >50% alcohol, good adhesion and welding ability
Industries: Due to its good creep strength, low moisture absorption, and outstanding dimensional stability, PET is extremely well-suited for applications where complex parts and the highest requirements regarding dimensional accuracy and surface quality are needed. It is often used for food processing machinery applications where low moisture absorption, low thermal expansion, resistance to staining, or resistance to cleaning chemicals is required
Characteristic Has 
High mechanical strength, stiffness and strength
High dimensional stability
long service life
Easy to clean
Impact resistance
Outstanding features of thermoforming
High resistant wear
High process able

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