PMMA acrylic sheets

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PMMA acrylic sheets

PMMA is a transparent thermoplastic homo polymer, known as Plexiglas. This material is similar to polycarbonate used as a shock-resistant alternative to glass. It is especially suitable in cases where high impact resistance is not required. Plexiglas sheets were first produced in 1928 and marketed five years later by Rohm and Haas. In general, Plexiglas PMMA acrylic sheets are one of the most clear plastics on the market First uses of PMMA were in World War II, when it was used for submarine periscopes as well as aircraft windows, control towers, and canopies.
Some body who injured his eyes due to broken acrylic fragments were notable lower than injured hit by glass shards, so it’s better and safer substituted for glass.
Also please keep in mind that PMMA sheets are flammable, unlike polycarbonate.
Nowadays PMMA various applications develop , beside specifications as high transparency and impact resistance. Common uses include contact lenses, acrylic nails, paints, security barriers, medical devices, and LCD screens. Due to its sharpness. Due to its sharpness, it is often used in areas around exhibitions. Although they are commercially available in a variety of colors (clear and opaque), Plexiglas raw material enables light transmission same as glass capacity, makes it a great alternative. Acrylic is easily available and inexpensive. It is a good alternative to polycarbonate when material strength is not a deciding factor. Some bulletproof glass are made of this material.
What are the specifications of PMMA Acrylic sheets?
Thermoplastics melting point is an important feature of them (in PMMA 160 ° C) thermoplastics can be heated, cooled and reheated to significant melting without significant degradation and then recycled.

Why PMMA sheets are popular?

PMMA sheets are extremely useful plastics for applications require transparency while high impact resistance is not valuable. PMMA sheets scratch resistant compared to other transparent plastics is notable. It is a light weight and safety option to glassy and an economic alternative to poly carbonate in applications where strength is not an important factor. Using laser cutting technology, it can be cut into very delicate shapes because the material evaporates due to contact with the concentrated laser energy. If the optical resolution is extremely important, PMMA transparent sheets have many applications

How is PMMA acrylic sheets made?

Acrylics, like other plastics, processed by distilling hydrocarbon fuels into lighter groups, some of which combine with other catalysts to form plastics (typically through polymerization)

Replacement for glass
LCD screen
Medical applications

Jewelry packaging
Car headlights, doors, windows and panels
Design of LED lights

Picture frames and decorative goods

Material: Polymethyl methacrylate
Shape: Sheet
Color: Transparent and matte colors
Surface: Plain and embossed
Maximum sheet size: ۱۸۳۰ * ۱۲۲۰ mm
Thickness in mm: ۲ – ۱۲ mm
Specifications PMMA sheets also offer great scratch resistance and are able to be machined to a very high gloss finish. These properties, combined with PMMA’s dimensional stability, enables its use in many different applications where lasting beautiful appearances are important
General application: Building decoration, plastic industry
Industries: Building and Renovation, Plastic Manufacturers / Commerce
Characteristic Has 
High Transparency
High resolution
High quality