GPPS Crystal sheets

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GPPS clear crystal sheets are made of general purpose polystyrene raw material, which is a kind of, colorless, odorless and transparent thermoplastic resin . It has different patterns and designs and its quality is stable and affordable, so it is the most used among thermoplastics.

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GPPS Crystal sheets

Unsafe conditions of these days around the world have left people afraid of cracking and breaking and other common problems of glass. The new generation of GPPS Crystal sheets are safer than glass and is a better alternative in many cases with safety and easy installation and longer life. It also has great transparency and applications. In addition, it offers a variety of designs and colors.
It should also be said that these sheets are an ideal option for spreading light and decorating
GPPS crystal sheets have the characteristics of chemical resistance, low water absorption and high temperature resistance. It is resist to organic acids, alkalis, salts and low alcohol content and can also Due to its high temperature resistance, it can be cut ideally and widely used in bathroom doors, lampshades, office equipment, medical accessories, interior decoration, toys and so on. The price of GPPS crystal sheets is very reasonable and has good features used in humid places. You can make an affordable purchase by buying GPPS sheets that have good optical transparency and strength, and given economy price compared to other clear plastics .GPPS sheets are very fragile and inexpensive, please note they have little resistance to ultraviolet rays, they are not very suitable for outdoor application and are mostly used for indoor decoration and false ceilings, etc. in the building. Take.
It has chemical stability, thermal stability, optical properties, strong refraction, strong electrical insulation, high radiation resistance and low tendency to absorb moisture. Climatic influences are also small. On the other hand, its small static electricity is suitable for production. The light transmittance range is 88%, although it isn’t same as PMMA, other benefits can cover this small disadvantage.

All kinds of surgical medical devices
Fluorescent lamps
Home appliances, chandeliers

Bathroom door, pool
Advertising page
Interior glass
office Partition
Virtual Sky Sheets

Material: General purpose polystyrene (GPPS)
Shape: Sheet
Color: Transparent, colored and matte colors
Surface: plain and emboss
Maximum sheet size: ۱۲۰۰ x 1800 mm
Thickness in mm: ۱ – ۱۰ mm
Specifications Minimum thickness tolerance, clear and suitable alternative to glass, due to the scratch of the sheet should be used for cleaning soft cloth and soap and water
General application: building, interior design
Industries: Building and Renovation, Decor Building
Characteristic Has 
Light weight
Easy to clean
Good transparency
Good chemical resistance
Embossed (different patterns)
Low water absorption

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