PP hollow sheets

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PP hollow sheets are leading in the field of processing and servicing reusable layers as dividing sheets in the transport of glass containers and cans of the food and beverage industries and have many other applications that we will mention. PP hollow sheets are strong, lightweight, waterproof, chemical resistant, insect repellent and so on.

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PP hollow sheet

PP hollow sheet is easily made using machines. The distinctive features of the sheets make it suitable for a wide range of uses. Advertising, packaging, transportation and protection of materials, stationery, construction and interior are just a few of the things that can be mentioned. PP hollow sheets double-walled sheets are actually made of polypropylene, which is why it is known as multi-walled PP sheets. These sheets have great properties that double their popularity

PP hollow sheets features

The best feature of PP hollow sheets compared to other products is lightness. The weight of this product is much less than one square meter of glass and this feature in the construction industry and interior design and decoration is excellent. PP hollow is produced in different colors, which is a good option for buyers. PP hollow sheets are produced in the form of longitudinal sheets and has a high flexibility. And this property makes it arc length and width in two directions. But to prevent folding, it is better to arch longitudinally. In the packaging industry, this product is very popular due to the pressure it endures.
PP hollow sheet is a product that can be easily washed. Because it will never lose its capabilities and properties due to exposure to detergents. There are several other features of this product that we will summarize. Among other things, it is widely used in the printing and advertising industry, and its flammability is zero. Rather, it only melts in heat, and most importantly, where it is exposed to direct sunlight. It will not lose any of its features. PP hollow sheets can be offered in the market in rolls. It just needs to be in heat or low weights to roll and take up little space.

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Printing market

Material: PP
Shape: sheet and Roll
Color: Different colors
Surface: Glossy and matte
Maximum sheet size: ۲۰۰۰x2000mm standard Roll :1000*50000mm and 2000x50000mm
Thickness in mm: Sheet :2-10mm Roll:2mm, 3 mm
General application: building and renovation, decor building, glass trade, industry, interior building, plastic manufacturers
Industries: Building & Renovation, Decor Building, Glass Trading, Industry, Interior Building, Plastic / Commercial Manufacturers and packaging
Characteristic Has 
Light level to meet different needs
Easy to cut
Easy to clean
Impact resistance

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